ASTD: on the way home

Last week I spoke at a mini ASTD2012 comeback conference for Epsilon. This blog outlines content and delivers references noted during the session.


To kick off the conference, I showed this small film montage (80 seconds) of the conference:



Before getting into my resume of the conference, I showed the results of my pre-conf survey on what my network expected from the ASTD2012 ICE … then I reminded everyone of what @fredericw told us in 2011 about transatlantic trends in learning + development.


I went to the ASTD2012 ICE to get information about 3 main things:

  • The future of the L+D profession
  • Creating engagement in today’s work environment
  • Current and future trends + what this means for learning


Here’s what I got from day 1 on the future of the L+D profession: 


As Jim Collins said in his key-note, effective people have a “not-to-do-list” to help them think about where they should put their efforts. @innovativesarah Senior L+D Specialist from Google suggested the same thing for L+D professionals:

  • What can the learning population figure out for itself?
  • What should someone else be doing?
  • What should we just forget about?
  • How can L+D better work together with the rest of the organisation?


I shared some ideas about Infinite Learning and the 70:20:10 principle evoked by people like @charlesjennings and @C4LPT and discussed the idea that we should not think about either/or, but “and” (more on this in a future blog….). I also added that yes, “command + control” should exist next to “encourage + engage” because what we see with Blanchard and Hersey’s Situational Leadership model should be applied to L+D management as well… Its not because Generation Y likes self-learning that they can be left to do everything themselves! They might need some help



Day 2 was all about engagement for me…


First I shared some ideas from Kevin Cope on what L+D professionals should be focussing on.. Read the blogspot here or watch this short video introduction from Kevin at ASTD2012 ICE:



If you think in line of those 5 drivers, some specific investments definately make sense.



Day 3 Future trends worth developping for


According to Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, the automated “live to 100″ super-structured big-data VUCA world means that people are going to need many new skills.

  • Learning Agility is the idea discussed by Vicki Swisher that people will need to be able to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn in order to deal with everything
  • As @hjarche , another member of the ITA says, the ability to make sense of all that big-data will be key to Personal Knowledge Management (blog = excellent reference for all things PKM)
  • …and don’t forget all those tools and technologies we need to excel with


Want to learn more?
Come to Meet&Greet on the 4th of October in La Hulpe. I will give a presentation
(in French) on learning trends I heard on ASTD2012. Isabel De Clercq will give a similar presentation in Dutch. If you want to receive an invitation for Meet&Greet, send an e-mail to




Dan steer est formateur indépendant chez Kluwer et Learning & Dévelopment Consultant. Dan est un pro de Infinite Learning© et passionné de tout ce qui a trait aux dernières technologies : SoMe, SoLearn, Web 2.0.

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