Legal implications of AI Chatbots

Now that Chat GPT has risen in popularity, other companies are starting to develop their own chatbots built on artificial intelligence. There are already some scale-up initiatives like ChatSonic, Jasper AI, Open Assistant and Wordtune, but Google is currently offering the biggest opposition with its newest AI-chatbot called Bard. As these AI-chatbots are used more often and for several matters, it is important to consider its legal implications.


With regard to the legal implications, both the developers and the users are often faced with uncertainty: current legislation has not been drafted with AI in mind and it can be challenging to apply existing principles. For the data on which the AI systems are trained, it is important to consider the existence of intellectual property rights, like copyrights associated with that data which reside with the legal owner of the data (e.g. pictures). Reproduction of data is not permitted without the legal owner’s permission and at this moment, it is unclear if data used for certain chatbots or applications are used lawfully.

Volledig artikel en bron : EY Law – 9 maart 2023

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